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Take the risk out of buying your next vehicle with the most comprehensive, reliable vehicle history report available in NZ.

The LemonCheck ® Vehicle History Report searches more than 3 million car records held in various government and private databases and interrogates this data for New Zealand stolen cars, security interests (money owing), adverse accident history, ownership history, odometer history plus much more. All of this information is then placed into an easy-to-read report immediately (Typically under 10 seconds).

LemonCheck's Vehicle History Report is available on: Cars, Vans, Trucks, Motorbikes, Caravans, Trailers — in fact any registered vehicle in New Zealand and is the service used and trusted by industry and consumers thousands of times every month.

A new feature is our Money Owing Recheck report. This allows you to confirm that any security interests or financing statements found on a LemonCheck Vehicle History report have been discharged prior to completing a vehicle purchase.

Note the government introduced new legislation on the 1st May 2011 that restricts access to the NZ Transport Agencies Motor Vehicle Registry. Subsequently personal information for current and previous individual registered owners (ie, names and address) are no longer available.

Pry... before you buy!
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